Dianna Frid

Art in America February 23, 2012

Photo: Dianna Frid: The Fourth Word Spoken on the Moon, 2011, paper, acrylic, colored pencil, cloth and mixed mediums, 77 by 78 inches; at Devening.

Dianna Frid constructs sculptures, artist’s books and wall-based assemblages that attempt to give new form to natural phenomena, whether earthly or celestial, concrete or ethereal, as suggested by the title of her recent solo exhibition “Evidence of the Material World.” Rejecting notions of Romanticism or the sublime, the artist looks to sources both scientific and literary as a means for reinterpreting occurrences such as asteroids, waves and clouds, and for building a visual vocabulary that, while spawned by systems of language or astronomy, remains highly personal and expressive.

Full piece:

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