Dan Gunn

Art in America November 30, 2011

Photo: Dan Gunn: Dialog Equipment, 2011, blackboard, plywood, metallic paper and mixed mediums, 68 by 44 inches; at Monique Meloche.

Dan Gunn’s hybrid constructions, whether freestanding or wall-mounted, retain their indebtedness to the history of abstract painting at the same time that they embrace other mediums and disciplines, including sculpture and design. Working across borders and with humble materials (plywood, foil paper, cork, beads), Gunn creates hybrid objects that share affinities with Richard Tuttle’s early “Constructed Paintings.” However, unlike Tuttle, whose interest lies in the dematerialization of the artwork, Gunn reasserts the primacy of objecthood, as was evinced in two compelling, concurrent solo shows.

Full piece:

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